What’s So Unique About Us?

u·nique: (yo͞oˈnēk) adjective

adjective: unique
1. being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
“this heating and air company is unique”
2. synonyms: distinctive, distinct, individual, special, idiosyncratic;

There are many firms offering heating and air repair, residential and commercial HVAC installation and service in the Charlotte area. As the definition above shows – UNIQUE is to be one-of-a-kind, distinctive, special – and we have always strived to be just that. Of course every company SAYS those things, however since opening our doors we have dedicated ourselves to provide the very best HVAC solutions and service within Gaston and Mecklenburg counties. CHECK OUT OUR SERVICE AREA.

Unique Air works to ensure 100% satisfaction on every installation or repair job.

Let’s face it – we all take it for granted when the air conditioning or heating system is working and keeping us comfortable. However, as “Murphy’s Law” has taught us – things always break down at the worst possible time. When the coldest cold snap of the winter hits – THAT’S when your heater wants to go on the ‘fritz’. When the summer’s hottest days come around and temperature soar to 100° and more – THAT is when your air conditioning system will want to “take a vacation”.

That’s when you need to be able to depend on a company to have your back; to respond in a timely manner;

to be able to quickly troubleshoot and to discern the best options to get you back up and running. You can count on our team at Unique Air Heating and Cooling to do just that.

Unique Air Heating & Cooling  is a family owned and operated HVAC solutions and service company located in Gastonia, North Carolina with extensive coverage to service Gastonia, Denver, Lincolnton, Lake Norman and Charlotte heating and air conditioning repair and installation needs.

Our Qualifications

We are fully licensed (NC Lic# 31628), fully certified, accredited as well as bonded and insured! We are an A+ Rated, BBB Accredited Business. We are also well versed in all of the regulations that might apply to certain installations and re-installs, etc.

We are an Authorized Dealer for Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating products as like Unique Air, they are committed to quality…and envied by Mother Nature!

Whether you’re in need of some kind of repair or service; looking to replace an old, worn-out system, or in need of new installation for residential or commercial applications – on average, our pricing is 10-40% cheaper than the other guys.

We’re at service calls within an hour of call-in time, and have the problem fixed or diagnosed within minutes, while installations start and finish in one day.

Our reviews and reputation are driven by customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to provide personal, neighborly service. We’re dedicated to offering the finest heating and air conditioning services in the area

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A Message from Unique Air

"Here at Unique Air we are committed to grow as a company and develop leadership within our community. We will deliver every customer cost effective materials, and equipment, some of the best products on the market in the HVAC industry today, and treat every customer as if they were one of our own family members. We strive to do, and be the best at what we do. We want our customers to be customers for life. We are one company that will bend backwards, and go the extra mile, or do more than we promise to satisfy your home comfort needs, and happiness. Let Unique Air treat you like family."

Unique Air HVAC