Up to 40% of your home’s air can come from the crawl space. To improve air quality and home health, consider a vapor barrier. This barrier controls moisture, safeguarding your foundation and air quality. Our mold-resistant, durable vapor barriers prevent ground moisture from entering the crawl space, available in various thicknesses for different protection levels. We’ve successfully installed these systems throughout Gastonia, Lincolnton, and surrounding areas. Book a FREE Crawlspace Evaluation to discover the best options for your home

Benefits of Installing a Vapor Barrier

  • Reduces chance of mold or mildew growth.
  • Improves air quality in home and under crawl space.
  • Helps protect foundation from lowering moisture under crawl space which can rot wood and damage foundation.
  • Better control of home humidity. Less moisture that can seep into home gives you more control of your homes comfort.
  • Prevent electrical issues from keeping any wiring, junction boxes, or other electrical systems from coming into contact with excess moisture in the home.
  • Helps reduce pest and insects under the crawl which can enter your home through cracks and holes, which reduces possibility of structural damage from pests.
  • Helps to better protect any pipes, wood, and duct work underneath your home.  Less moisture will increase the durability and lower the chance of corrosion of anything under your home.

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