Do you have an old furnace that shakes the closet door open when it turns on? Are you tired of high electric and gas bills? Does it bother you when you have to turn up the TV because your heating and air system is so loud?

Unique Air can revolutionize your home comfort with modern equipment that is not only efficient but whisper quiet. You’ll have better control of your comfort, you’ll pay less on utilities, and your home can be quiet and peaceful even when the heating and air is running.

Investing in a new system or replacing existing equipment is a big decision. We offer total HVAC financing to make the decision much easier. Our HVAC financing allows you to enjoy quiet, efficient comfort today, instead of paying extra money each month on an older, inefficient system that will eventually break down anyway.

FTL Finance

Our total HVAC financing for Charlotte area customers is brought to you by FTL Finance®. Use the button below to apply for financing via a secure, online form.

You can apply for financing to pay for service and repair work, replacement or new installation services from Unique Air Heating & Air Conditioning below. Thanks for your interest in a leading Charlotte heating and air conditioning company!

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