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Do you have an old furnace that shakes the closet door open when it turns on? Are you tired of high electric and gas bills? Does it bother you when you have to turn up the TV because your heating and air system is so loud? It's likely time to service your HVAC unit. Explore our HVAC financing options today!

Unique Air can revolutionize your home comfort with modern equipment that provides silence and efficiency all in one. As a result, you’ll have better control of your comfort, pay less on utilities, and your home can be quiet and peaceful even when the heating and air are running.

Investing in a new system or replacing existing equipment is a big decision. Heating and cooling services take a significant chunk of your wallet, but we can help you manage it. Get total HVAC financing that allows you to enjoy quiet, efficient comfort today instead of paying extra monthly on an older, inefficient system that will eventually break down. Speak with Unique Air to discuss your cooling or heating services and how we can finance your next HVAC project.

Yes, you CAN afford to service your HVAC unit! Explore financing for HVAC replacement, repair, and more with Unique Air! We provide variable HVAC financing options for Gastonia, NC, and residents in the following areas: Alexis, Belmont, Charlotte, Cornelius, Cramerton, Pineville, Ranlo, Davidson, Denver, Gastonia, Huntersville, Kings Mountain, Mt. Holly, Stanley

FTL Finance

Our total HVAC financing for Charlotte area customers is brought to you by FTL Finance®. Use the button below to apply for funding via a secure online form.

You can apply for financing to pay for service and repair work, replacement, or new installation services from Unique Air Heating & Air Conditioning below. Thanks for your interest in a leading Charlotte heating and air conditioning company!

HVAC Repair Financing

If you need HVAC repair but don’t have the funds to pay for it upfront, Unique Air offers plenty of HVAC financing options. Our HVAC repair financing allows homeowners to repair their heating and cooling systems without the financial stress of a lump sum payment. With various loan options and payment plans, financing will enable you to enjoy cool or warm air without the initial loss of critical cash.

From broken furnaces in the dead of winter to a faulty air conditioning unit amid a heatwave, our HVAC financing company provides solutions that ease the burden on all clients. So don’t let financial barriers stand in the way of a comfortable home when you need it most. Contact Unique Air today and ask about our HVAC financing options for your Gastonia, NC, home.

Financing for HVAC Replacement

Getting that needed HVAC replacement can take your home from uncomfortably humid and hot or blistering cold to something much more manageable. But sometimes, the cost of that HVAC replacement takes a significant toll on your wallet. Fortunately, Unique Air comes equipped with several HVAC financing options to help ease the burden on homeowners in North Carolina. Working with FTL Finance, you’ll gain access to financing for HVAC replacement units of all sizes and shapes, providing your home with absolute comfort for years to come at a more than manageable price.

Explore the Many Ways to Finance Your HVAC System With Unique Air

Securing the right HVAC services is important, but it requires a monetary investment that not every homeowner can afford. But while other HVAC companies would toss you to the curb, Unique Air understands the importance of providing cool or warm air to your family, and we make it easier to do so with our HVAC financing options. Secure a payment plan that helps you get repairs, replacement units, and maintenance and protect your hard-earned money and family at the same time.

As the leading provider of heating and cooling services in North Carolina, Unique Air brings an expansive service area to the table. Finance your HVAC system if you live in the following regions:

  • Alexis
  • Belmont
  • Charlotte
  • Cornelius
  • Cramerton
  • Pineville
  • Ranlo
  • Davidson
  • Denver
  • Gastonia
  • Huntersville
  • Kings Mountain
  • Holly
  • Stanley
  • Lake Norman
  • Lincolnton
  • Lowell
  • Matthews
  • McAdenville

Ready to get your HVAC system the service it needs? Explore your HVAC financing options with FTL Finance and Unique Air today!

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