AC Replacement in Belmont, NC

As everyone in Belmont knows, there’s no way you’re making it through the hot and humid summers in Belmont, North Carolina without a working air conditioner.

This means that if your AC begins having issues or breaks down completely, you’ll need to find a reliable AC replacement service that can remove your old AC and properly install a new unit as quickly as possible. Here at Unique Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we can do just that.

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Do You Need a Belmont AC Replacement Service?

If something goes wrong with your AC, then your first thought is probably the hope that it can be fixed. Unfortunately, there are times when repairs are simply not possible and replacement is either the only option or the most cost-effective option. The following are a few common signs that your AC needs to be replaced:

  • Uncommon sounds – Most ACs will make some sounds while they run; however, if you hear anything unusual, you may have a serious problem. Loud, banging sounds are often indicative of a part that’s about to fail if it hasn’t already. If that part is something like the compressor, then you may need to replace the whole unit.
  • Frequent need of repairs – If you find yourself constantly paying for minor repairs, then it may be time to replace your unit. As little as minor repairs may cost you, those repair costs will eventually add up. Not to mention that the need for constant repairs typically indicates that whatever issues you’re having isn’t going to stop showing up any time soon.
  • High cost of repairs – The general rule of thumb is that if the cost of an AC repair is going to be more than half of what it would cost for you to replace your AC, then it’s simply more cost-effective just to go ahead and replace it.
  • Over a decade old – Most AC units will last between 10 and 15 years. Once it reaches the decade mark, you’re better off replacing it than paying for any repairs. This is because, at this point, newer models will be much more efficient and effective–even if there’s nothing wrong with your current unit.
  • Improperly sized – If your AC wasn’t properly sized before it was installed, it may be either too big or too small. An AC that’s too big will run inefficiently and will often cycle on and off constantly. An AC that’s too small won’t be able to handle your household’s cooling needs, which will cause it to run constantly, resulting in high energy costs and unnecessary wear and tear on the unit.

For air conditioner replacement services in Belmont, call (704) 865-7474 or contact us today!

Dependable AC Replacement in Belmont, NC

Here at Unique Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we have provided exceptional quality AC replacement services throughout Belmont, NC and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We strive to maintain a stellar reputation throughout the community by focusing on our customer service, something that’s reflected by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

When you work with us, you can expect to work with AC technicians that are fully licensed, insured, and trained. We will make sure your existing AC unit is safely removed before correctly installing a properly sized replacement AC system. Once installed, we will perform thorough testing to ensure that your new AC will run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We even provide a one-year warranty on all of our labor!

For AC replacement services in the Belmont, North Carolina area, request a free quote today.