AC Replacement in Denver, North Carolina

If you live in Denver, NC, or the surrounding areas, then you’re well aware of how hot and humid it can get during the summer season. Not only is it near impossible to live comfortably without a running AC system, but it can also be dangerous to go without one when temperatures are particularly high. It’s why you should get your AC replaced as soon as possible if it’s broken down or is showing signs that it’s about to break down.

Here at Unique Air Heating and Air Conditioning, our experienced AC technicians provide complete AC replacement services to residents throughout Denver, NC. 

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Signs You Should Replace Your AC in Denver, NC

The last thing you’ll want to deal with in the middle of summer is an AC that needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, if your AC breaks down completely, you won’t have much of an option other than to have it replaced. However, breaking down isn’t the only sign that you should replace your AC.

The following are a few other signs that indicate it is time to have your AC replaced in Denver, NC:

  • Nearing the end of its lifespan – Most AC units should last at least ten years. However, once it reaches this mark, it becomes increasingly likely that it will begin experiencing issues. If this happens, it might be time to replace the unit instead of repairing it.
  • Producing uncommon sounds – If you hear loud clanking sounds while your AC is operating, it’s a sign that one of your unit’s components has broken or is about to break. If it’s your compressor, then you may need to replace the entire unit.
  • Cost of repairs too high – Even if something is repairable, it’s not going to be very cost-effective if you end up paying anywhere over half of what it would cost to purchase a new AC unit. 
  • Need for repairs too frequent – If you’re constantly paying to have your AC repaired, then you should take it as a sign that your AC is never going to function without issues developing. At this point, paying for any additional repairs isn’t a great idea since the cost of repairs is just going to keep adding up.
  • Wasn’t properly sized – An AC that wasn’t properly sized before it was installed will be extremely inefficient and potentially ineffective. For example, if it’s too small, it will waste energy constantly running in an attempt to cool your home. If it’s too big, it will constantly cycle on and off.

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The Best AC Replacement Service in Denver, NC

If your AC needs to be replaced in Denver, NC, then you’ll want to find an AC replacement service that you can trust and rely on to install your new AC quickly and correctly. Here at Unique Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve fostered a reputation over the past decade as one of the most reputable HVAC services in the area. This is a result of our complete commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our fully licensed and insured technicians are trained to provide the best customer service possible. They can help determine if replacement is your best option as well as provide advice on what type of AC best suits your needs. They will safely remove your old unit and correctly install your new one. We are proud to say that our dedication to customer service has resulted in an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

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