Seasonal Maintenance

air conditioning maintenanceMany home and business owners rely on Service Agreements  to help prevent costly repairs that come from neglecting your heating and cooling systems. Others prefer more of a seasonal approach to ensuring that your cooling and heating systems continue to operate at an optimal level of performance.


Sometime prior to summer you should have your air conditioning looked at. A seasonal air conditioning maintenance plan helps to maintain both efficiency and reliability of your system. For air conditioning maintenance, we recommend doing these things BEFORE your system shows signs of slow cooling, etc.

1. Checking for refrigerant leaks
2. Check refrigerant levels
3. Clean coil and drain lines as needed
4. Check compressor amps
5. Inspect all wiring
6. Lubricate outdoor fan motors
7. Tighten loose wire connections
8. Test all safety switches and controls

Before the weather turns frigid, we can check your heating system for:

1. Check for cracks in your heat exchanger
2. Oil your fan motor
3. Inspect and clean your burners
4. Check Freon levels if you have a heat pump
5. Check gas valve pressure where applicable
6. Inspect and tighten connections
7. Inspect and replace all air filters
8. Verify all safety switches and ensure they are functioning properly

If your heating or air conditioning is showing signs that it isn’t performing well, why not schedule a seasonal heating or air conditioning maintenance checkup with Unique Air?

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