Summer is just around the corner. Your air conditioning system stands between you and a hot summer day. To ensure that your AC is in tip-top condition, you need to have an AC tune-up.

Routine maintenance checks can help keep your AC at its best. You’ll know that the AC needs one if you notice some strange signs. To know if your AC is up for the task, keep an eye out for the warning symptoms.

Today, we’ll explore these signs to know whether it’s time to get an AC tune-up. We will also look into other details such as AC tune-up costs and more. Read on:

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

Before looking at the signs, know what goes in an AC tune-up. It involves checking the AC’s condition. Along with this comes cleaning and maintaining the unit to ensure it runs well.

Its main purpose is to ensure your AC runs in its peak condition. It means enjoying the cool air it generates without any hassle.

The other reason behind the tune-up is for prevention purposes. It helps detect minor repair issues before they escalate into catastrophic mechanical failures.

To know whether you need a proper AC tune-up, pay attention to these signs. You’ll encounter more, but these are the most noticeable ones around. Learn more:

1. Hearing Strange Sounds From the AC Unit

You might notice certain noises from the AC unit, especially if they’re not the usual sounds. Never let the age of your AC unit make you complacent. The noises may signal certain things happening in the AC that might need a tune-up.

Certain noises indicate something is wrong with the internal components. It could be a rattling noise due to dirt or loose screws. You might also notice screeching or squealing, which may indicate a faulty fan or a worn-out belt.

When you notice these noises from your AC Unit, you need to have it checked. This could be a sign of a bigger problem that would need professional assistance.

2. AC Not Providing Enough Cooling

The AC’s capability to cool the room down might also be a sign to check it out. It’s noticeable due to the weak airflow that comes out from the unit. The AC unit triggers the symptom because of a wide variety of reasons.

One instance is due to clogged filters or leaky ducts. It hampers the AC’s airflow and cooling capabilities.

Other factors that affect your unit are the coils and the air filters. The AC might also be running low on refrigerant. The best way to know the actual cause is to get experts to check the AC unit from the inside.

3. Unbearable Bad Odor From the AC

A weird smell is one of the signs that you must never ignore. If you notice a bad odor emanating from your AC, get experts to run a maintenance check. There might be something inside the unit causing that odor to spread.

The issue is due to the wet filters or a clog in the condensate drain line. Another factor that might cause this odor is due to mold or fungal buildup. It poses a lot of potential health dangers since it contributes to indoor air pollution, making it a source of various respiratory issues.

The odor could also mean problems with the wiring insulation. Sometimes, the bad odor comes from critters trapped in the unit. The smell will get worse as these creatures expire and rot.

A proper tune-up can help check the cause of the odor. It also lets you find ways to get rid of the source and address the issue. It may include cleaning or repairs.

What to Do When These Signs Appear?

If you encounter any of these signs, what should you do? You can do a few things to see what the problem is with the air conditioning system. If you have no clue how to approach the issue, opt for a proper AC tune-up.

In an AC tune-up, experts will do a full inspection of the unit. They would check the various components such as refrigerant levels, condenser condition, and electrical inspection. After that, they would also change and clean the air filters.

Other areas they would fix include the fan balance and lubrication. Once they finish, your AC will sound and smell like a new unit. You can experience these benefits by checking out our AC tune-up specials.

What About Prevention?

In case you feel privy to the AC tune-up costs, choose to push toward prevention. One of the areas that would need attention in a Home AC tune-up is the condenser unit. You can check out the maintenance instructions to understand how to approach that particular component in your HVAC system.

Another area to look into when conducting maintenance is the air filters. These components collect dust and other pollutants over time. These would need regular cleaning as well to ensure you have clean air indoors and that your AC provides the necessary cooling without any blockage.

Be consistent with preventative measures to ensure your AC unit stays operational.

Prepare With an AC Tune-Up Today

An AC tune-up should help you gear up for the summer season, giving you a chance to combat the heat with an effective air conditioning unit. The last thing you want is for your cooling system to break in the middle of the hot summer days. Make sure to maintain and check your air conditioner regularly.

In situations where you need help with fixing your AC, we have the services you need to provide the needed repair and maintenance. We also work on heating and improving air quality for your home or office.

Are you interested in improving your HVAC system? You can contact us today and we can help you with any HVAC concerns and needs.