Duct Cleaning in Gastonia, NC

The ductwork plays an essential role in delivering the air your HVAC system has conditioned to each room in your home. It also impacts the quality of the air you breathe, which is as important to your health as the food you eat.

The condition of your ductwork is a very important element of home health and safety. While vacuum cleaners remove the particulates on the floors and furniture, it’s a lot harder to keep the ducts clean because of the volume of air blowing through them and their inaccessibility.

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Air Pollutants in Gastonia Homes

The solids that are in the air eventually make their way into the ductwork, along with other allergens and particulates. Your air might contain:

  • Dust, which is an aggregation of lint, dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Pollen from trees, shrubs, and grasses, as well as flowers. Most pollen comes from inconspicuous flowers rather than decorative flowering plants and trees.
  • Dander from humans and pets. Dander is nothing more than shed skin cells.
  • Mold spores. When molds are ready to reproduce, they generate spores that blow easily through the air. Given enough moisture and food, they’ll quickly grow into a new colony.

There may also be contaminants in the ductwork caused by insects and vermin. Mice and insects find ducts a good place to live since they can be comfortable and sheltered from predators and the elements. Waste products and dander from animal or insects often trigger allergens and can spread diseases.

Signs Your Gastonia Home Needs Duct Cleaning

A peek inside the register covers might reveal the condition of your ductwork. If you see dust and debris, you may want to call on a professional from Unique Air to perform a deeper inspection. You may also see dust accumulations along the walls, ceiling or floor near the registers. There could be an active ductwork leak that’s pulling in the dust from the areas through which they run.

Home remodeling projects can leave the ductwork full of dust and debris if precautions weren’t taken to protect the HVAC system. Running your equipment with a dirty filter also introduces more dust into the ducts. If you’ve heard strange noises coming from the ducts, you could have an animal or insect invasion. Should you suspect it, have the ducts inspected immediately since either can spread diseases.

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Our Duct Cleaning Process

Cleaning ductwork isn’t a do-it-yourself project since ducts are hard to reach and easily damaged by typical housecleaning tools. We at Unique Air use tools that won’t harm the ducts or cause tears or breaks.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

It’s hard to put a dollar value on better indoor air quality and improved health, but each is the most important and valuable benefit you’ll experience from ductwork cleaning. It’s also likely that your heating and cooling costs will be lower since debris in the ducts slows down the air flowing through them. When the air flow is faster, it takes your HVAC system less time to condition your home. Besides having lower energy bills, you’ll likely have lower repair costs as well.

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You should never have to worry about the health and safety of your pets, family members, and home. Your air ducts should be pushing out clean, healthy, and allergen-free heated or cooled air all year round. When you need air duct cleaning in Gastonia, look no further than Unique Air to deliver high-quality and affordable air duct cleaning.

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