Brian Stump

The owner Mike was able to come into our house and diagnose a complex environment problem that was causing our heater to run continuously. (This problem was not solved by several other HVAC contractors) During Mike’s analysis, he performed the standard maintenance routines to validate the HVAC unit was operating properly. From there, he looked into what other conditions existed into the house that were causing the unit to not sufficiently heat the house. After a thorough analysis, he was able to then install the home air quality devices onto our existing HVAC unit to dramatically improve our indoor air quality. With these additional components, we have been able to control our indoor humidity and provide fresh air ventilation automatically. All of this was set up on an internet capable control module so we can control the entire system from a smartphone. As a result, the HVAC does not run continuously to heat the house, and now operates very efficiently. Mike has been incred

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