My AC was installed by someone who did not know or care what they were doing. It worked long enough for them to sell the house. Compressor went out 2 years ago and the guy came back and did it under warranty. Went out again in March. Called Mike and he came out at 6 pm and found the issue. Did not have the money to fix the issue so I told him to hold off on repairs. Called him back 2 months later and he remember me and was able to get my AC fixed same day. He found out and showed me what the last person screwed up on. He fixed the issues and my ac is now working better than it ever has. Brad and Mike did an outstanding job and I would recommend them to anyone out there. If you have any doubt about getting screwed over, call mike because he will NOT be the one that screws you over. Mike and Brad, thank you for the outstanding service.

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