According to current projections, 151 million HVAC units will be sold worldwide in 2024, proving that we depend on our air conditioners more now than ever. And, when an HVAC unit needs replacing, timing can be everything.

Whether your old system stopped working in the spring or you are remodeling over the summer vacation, everyone has their reasons for when they choose to install an air conditioner. But, it can be hard to pick the best time to schedule it. If you choose the right season, you could save time and money.

Still, several considerations need to be made to ensure that your new air conditioning system operates at peak efficiency while also being a positive addition to your home. Read on to learn what may be the best season to install an air conditioner in your home and the pros and cons that come with each time of year.

The Best Season to Install an Air Conditioner

Ideally, you will want to install an air conditioner before the dreaded heat of summer arrives. Doing so will give your unit plenty of time to adjust and begin cooling your home when most needed. This way, you get the best performance out of your new system and avoid paying for expensive utility bills during the hotter months.

When selecting an air conditioner for your home, there are three things to base your decision on when choosing the best time for your installation. You will want to consider the size of your home, your AC unit of choice, and weather conditions in your area.

Once you have determined your needs based on these criteria, you can decide on a time frame. Here is a breakdown of the seasons to help you choose which season is ideal for your air condition system installation.


Spring is a great time to install a new AC unit because it gives the system plenty of time to adjust to the new house and season. During spring, the weather tends to be mild, so you do not have to worry about an AC unit not working as well during hot weather.

Even though installing a system in the spring may seem like a good idea, air conditioner installers can experience a high volume of work during this time. This is because many customers are preparing their homes for summertime.


If you put off purchasing an air conditioner until the summer, you most likely waited until the very last minute. It is generally not a good idea to install an air conditioner during the summer. The peak installation season makes it more of a challenge to schedule an HVAC technician to visit your home.

You will be waiting during this time in the stifling heat without access to cool air. Even with ceiling and box fans running in the house, it can be impossible to escape from unbearable triple-digit heat.

Rushing into a summer purchase also increases the likelihood that you will not have had enough time to shop around for the best unit for your house. Any hurried appointments may result in a system that will not fit the shape and size of your home. So it is best to avoid doing this, if possible.

However, if you have chosen to wait until early summer, your new system still has plenty of time to adjust to the warmer environment and stay refreshing and cool throughout the summer. But, you may be more likely to run into repairs during the summer due to the increased use and wear and tear.

You can avoid this by keeping the AC system maintained and clean. There is a good chance that you will need your AC system during the summer. So, it is best to get it installed before summer begins.


Winter may seem like an unlikely time for installing an AC system. But it can be a good time since it gives the system plenty of opportunity to adjust and work effectively during the hotter summer months. You are also less likely to run into repairs or issues with the system during the winter since homeowners are less likely to use their AC systems during winter.

However, when HVAC experts are busy working on heating systems in the winter, the wait time and cost may be longer than they are in the fall or spring. And, although some people own fireplaces, many others still use their air conditioners during the cooler months, especially in warmer winter climates. The HVAC market may still be overloaded with replacements or new installations, depending on what part of the country you live in.


Autumn is the best season to install an air conditioner because demand is at its lowest during this time of year. It is wise to look for discounts or sales after the summer because businesses often have excess inventory. Buying last year’s model could save you money!

With fewer buyers in the market, it can make it simpler to schedule an HVAC technician or installer. If there is less demand, you might be able to negotiate a better price.

Thinking about your purchase during the off-season also gives you more time to examine the type of system that will be most effective for your home. Also, by installing your air conditioner in the fall, you will have plenty of time to clean and maintain it before the weather turns up the heat.

What Season Will Work for You?

The best time to install an air conditioner is in the late spring before it gets too warm or in the fall when installation costs are their lowest. When you choose the right time to buy an air conditioner unit, it can save you time and money. The process is less rushed, and you can make the best decisions for your home.

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